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Who we are

Elevation the Brand is a Gifting Company. Our products are reviewed and recommend by our team of professionals across the country. We collaborate on identifying our favorite picks and carefully curate boxes that we either love for ourselves or would give to our clients. 

Every box is built by hand to order! 

We operate with the mindset that a fundamental part of being grateful is showing appreciation to others. Our goal here is to bring you products that inspire you to live an elevated life. It's not the cost of the gift, it's the intention and the thoughtfulness of it. 


Keep it Simple

A beautiful aroma in the air can shift the energy in your home.

A positive quote on a wall can lift your spirits and make you smile.

Simple things help us elevate our lives and vibrate at a higher level. 

We hope you enjoy your box as much as we enjoyed creating it!



Take a journey to healing with Nani Pua.

Nani Pua is a woman owned skin care company located in Southern California.

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