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Created for the
UnGUN Institute

In a world where the echoes of violence reverberate through the lives of countless individuals and communities, there emerges a beacon of hope, an organization dedicated to healing the wounds that trauma inflicts on the mind, body, and soul.

UnGUN is a passionate collective of artists, coaches, and advocates who believe in the transformative power of the arts.

Their mission goes beyond conventional healing methods; they are committed to releasing trauma and nurturing resilience by engaging the arts, connecting communities, and empowering individuals.

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Candle in Hands

Every order helps others on their journey to healing and to living in the green.

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Living in the Green
Healing ToolBox

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My latest project involves launching a global peace initiative titled "Living in the Green," which aims to guide individuals to operate at their highest energy level, promoting mental well-being, physical health, and spiritual harmony. I invite you to explore this transformative concept further by visiting my website. Together, let's work towards a world where peace and well-being flourish

Dr. Marty K.Casey
Founder of UnGUN 

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Partnering for Progress!

Elevation the Brand is excited to partner with UnGUN on creating this amazing box as a tool to bring healing.
Denise Benz & Dr. Marty K. Casey
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