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5 TIPS On Client Appreciation

Marketing isn't cheap and thousands of dollars are spent daily trying to grab the attention of the consumer. Keeping this in mind this it's important to put a process in place to keep your clients once you've gotten them. Your clients need and want to feel appreciated. A number of studies show that more than 50% of churn is due to clients feeling that businesses don’t care about them. There are many ways to show your clients that you care about them and their lives. Frequent check-ins, thoughtful cards, and the occasional coffee date are all great options.

Here are a few tips.


Set a budget for your client appreciation program.

I recommend 5-10% of your client contract or gross sale. For example if a client purchased a product or service from you that cost $1,000. You should allocate a min. of $50-$100 When you have a higher price point you can send a gift to the decision maker and the executive assistant who helped.


Schedule the shipping for this gift so that it happens as part of your business practice. For example: One of our clients sends a client gift within 24hours after

their contract is signed. This client is a doctor that gives presentations around the country.


Stay away from overly branded items. Meaning the coffee mug with your logo, the stress ball, the water bottle. These items have a place and in some cases it makes sense. However when you're saying thank you to a customer and you want to do it in a meaningful way you want to stay away from pushing your your brand it can feel impersonal and more like a sale tactic. Imagine a friend giving you a gift with their company logo on it. Unless they work for a notable high end company like Vogue, Louis Vuitton, or Mercedes you may not wasn't a water bottle or mug with their logo.


Ask the client to let you know they received the gift. Post it, take a picture and tag your social media or send an email. You can and should also follow up with them personally to make sure they received the client appreciation gift.


Be sure to include a note letting your customer or client

know why you're sending the gift and that you appreciate them.

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