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Elevate your gifting with beautifully curated gift boxes

The perfect gift for a friend or client. Our Elevated tea baskets are pure comfort in a box.  We review teas monthly and share our favorites with you. Your box comes with a our 2022 favorite, Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy tea as well as variety of Tazo herbal teas. Tea lovers always like sampling new teas they can add to their collection. As any true tea lover knows a tea box isn't complete without a stainless steel steeper.  We've also add delicious all natural clover honey sticks. Each box includes a coordnating journal and a hand jeweled ink pen to capture the moments that matter most. Your bestie or client will enjoy receiving this thoughtful gift and think of you as they enjoy the carmalized biscut tea cookies. 

Just in case their wondering why you sent this basket of happiness in a box we included a card that reads: 


WHY? Because you need to know you're valuable, appreciated and important card!



Gift set contains:

  • White Stoneware Mug, 16 oz
  • Assorted Tea - Good Earth  and Tazo Herbal brands, 5 tea bags
  • (1) Pack of Raw Honey sticks
  • Belgium Caramelized Biscuit Cookies 
  • Stainless steel tea steeper
  • Handmade Jewled ink pen
  • "Get Unapologetically Authentic" quote writing journal 

Some days I Amaze Myself!- Tea Box


Buy 1 Get 1 50% off

[Care ] TIPS

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 1.47_edited.jpg


Trimming your wick is an essential part of candle care. You should trim your wick to around 3mm before you burn your candle or for every 4 hours of burn time.

Trimming ensures that the candle will burn evenly, but also you will get a nice clean and even burn throughout the use of your candle.

You can use a wick trimmer to help you trim the wick, especially when it gets too low for scissors. Pinching the wick with your fingers is also an effective way of trimming your wick if you don’t have a wick trimmer.


You want to ensure that the first layer has completely liquified on your first burn. Otherwise, you get wax that stays up the edges of the candles for every burn afterwards.

We recommend burning your candle for 3 hours initially to ensure that you don’t get tunnelling on the second burn.


You want to avoid any debris in your molten wax pool, so don’t leave any half burnt matches or wicks in there. The candle will start to smoke, and instead of a lovely fragrance, you will get black charring.

If you don’t trim your wick, the burnt wick will fall into the molten wax and be a potential fire hazard and often creates an unpleasant smell.

This is one step of candle care that most people ignore, but it will help your candle last longer and smell fresh every time.


To minimise any damage or issues, we recommend only burning your candle for 4 hours at a time. Also, keep an eye on your candle the whole time that it is burning.


It’s critical to keep our candles away from children and pets. Plus, to avoid burning yourself don’t touch the candle until it has fully cooled.

Make sure you’re putting them somewhere safe, away from draughts and things that are flammable and always 10cm apart from another candle.

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